Mother of two, volunteer, coffee drinking, dog snuggling, part-time Wookiee...

When I'm not board-gaming I can be found volunteering at a dog rescue, drawing, remodeling our victorian house, substitute teaching, and tweeting too much.

Favorite Game: Castles of Burgundy

Least Favorite Game: This one is a tough question. I think it is currently King Of Tokyo. My kids love it, and it just falls flat for me.

Toilet paper; over or under? I'm going to go full rebel here... I don't have a preference.

Beverage of choice: Water, coffee and whiskey.

BGG: craineum
Twitter: @baba_geek

Husband, Baba(Dad), Tabletop Gamer and Designer, Toy Designer, Costume Maker, Master Tinkerer, Video Gamer and Software Developer... in that order.

When not playing board games I am spending time with my family. We enjoy all the seasons of NH, hiking, sledding, jumping into piles of leaves, making silly faces. I also enjoy creating, could be board games, outrageous costumes, or Death Star Christmas Tree Toppers.

Favorite Game: This is a hard one for me… I like so many different types of things. If I am forced to pick one it is Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island. It has a good theme with Euro elements and is cooperative.

Least favorite: Pokemon TCG, kids love it, I don’t. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

Toilet paper: There is only one answer to this question, and you know what it is.

Beverage of choice: Water, maybe OJ in the morning, wine in the evening.

BGG: mrtaylor2112
Twitter: @perfectbebop

Raised by wolves, Mike found his way to New Hampshire in 2004. With a background in summer camp management for nonprofits, followed by social media/content marketing for technology companies, it's clear that community and community building is important to him. Aside from games, Mike also has a passion for beer, beards and organizational culture.

Favorite Games: Dog, Ascending Empires, Stronghold

Least favorite: Fluxx

Toilet paper: As an outdoorsman, the world is his toilet paper.

Beverage of choice: good beer, scotch and bourbon (in that order).


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