The Game Library

As a new game event we have a very limited library (although it has grown because of generous donations from people like you). But in order to best serve everyone that is coming we have tables for everyone to put their games out if they wish.

Here is a brief description of how that is going to work. This information will also be posted around the event and people will be notified when they register to help clear up any confusion. If you have been to our previous event, this system has changed so please read on!

Find an open space

There are tables against the walls with numbers on them. These are the tables that will hold all the games that other people can pickup and play. If you have games that you don't want others playing, you can put them under these tables.

Unload your games

Put the games you are okay with other people playing onto the numbered table.

Fill out a game list sheet

Make sure to put your name and time leaving so others know how long they can take the game for. Then list all the games you are putting into the library. After filling it all out place it in front of your games.

Add table identifier to your games

On the table there should be little pieces of paper with the same number as the table, put these in your game boxes. This way people can put the games away after they are done.