Bring Out Your Games, Bring Out Your Games: A Call for Donations

As we get this amazing new board game focused convention off it's feet we look to our founding group for support. You have supported us with ticket purchases yes, but we thirst for more. What better way to cull the over growing collection you have eating up valuable shelf space than to donate so others may enjoy!

We are looking for donations for our game library that we are going to be building over the lifetime of our events. While we haven't even had our first one, with the overwhelming support we have received we know we will be continuing.

We will take any complete games. Maybe they have not seen plays in awhile or ones you know will never hit the table. Or maybe they were passed over in the Auction or Math Trade.

If you are interested please bring the donations to the Granite Game Summit and let the people at registration know that you have something to donate.

Thanks again for your support, you all have made this something special already!