Biggering our Event

Hello, everyone! We wanted to share some details about the upcoming Granite Game Summit.

Some quick stats:

  • Event space nearly doubled
  • Regular ticket sales to end 5/11
  • Tickets will be available at the event for $25


The Initial idea

Our first adventure in the board game convention arena has been amazing. When I first talked with Kimberly and Mike about it we were pretty excited. Our goal was to hopefully have 100 people if we were lucky. But it has become so much more than just gathering a few friends together for a game day. We want to thank everyone who has supported us for the first Granite Game Summit.

We saw this huge initial support from so many people that pushed away any worries we had. After that the ticket sales kinda flat lined for a bit, which made us think we had gotten the right size space and our plans were right on target. Then the numbers slowly started to climb.


The realization

I had just finished laying out a nice 3d rendering of our floor plan to fit more people when we realized we aren't going to have enough space. We reached out to the venue and they were excited for us as they had many choices to expand. But how much to expand? If things kept going the way they were we would need a little more space, but maybe there was more out there we didn't know about.

What we saw with the waitlist was there is a much larger need here than we originally realized. We basically needed to double in size if we wanted to accommodate as many people as we could. DOUBLE!

So that is what we did. Again thanks to all of you!

Here is the new layout, with more space, and more seats.

Thank you for supporting our event! We can’t wait to see you all on May 14th!


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