Design Schedule for Spring '17

Designer Alley is happening Saturday, April 8th from 10am to 6pm. This is our finalized designer schedule for #G2S17 make sure to check out their past features by clicking on their names. Come join in the fun!

Table A's schedule:

10:00 AM    Mark Corsey    from Markee Games   showing Cardchitecture

12:00 PM    Dave Logvin    from Askwith Games    showing Vampires & Villagers: The Curse of Christoph

2:00 PM    Glenn Given    from Games by Playdate    showing Ghastly Gardens

4:00 PM    Ben Swainbank    from Superhuman Games    showing The Villains and Vigilantes Card Game


Table B's Schedule:

10:00 AM    Kevin Craine    from Baba Geek Games    showing Robit Riddle

12:00 PM    Jim Fitzpatrick    showing Mission to Planet Hexx!

2:00 PM   Sarah Como & Breeze Grigas    from Zephyr Workshop    showing A.E.G.I.S. Combining Robot Strategy Game, A.E.G.I.S. Tacticlash, & Wind SABERS

4:00 PM    Tim Schuetz  showing Interstellar Fabricators


Table C's schedule:

10:00 AM    Jan Gonzalez    showing Robo Diner

12:00 PM    Chris Anderson    from Blue Cube Board Games    showing In Vino Morte, Pod People, & Energy Barons 1900

2:00 PM    Chris Moriarty    from Tower St. Games    showing To Windward! - The Lunar Islands

4:00 PM    Mark Drejza    showing Allies of the Revolution!


Table D's schedule:

10:00 AM    Chip Beauvais    from FlyingSheep Games    showing Chroma Cubes!

12:00 PM    Matt Golec    from Penny Press Games    showing Westmonster Kennel Club

2:00 PM    Jeff Johnston   from Pair of Jacks Games    showing MoonQuake Escape

4:00 PM    Bobby Fowler    from Almost a Game    showing Wicked Apples