Single Day Tickets Available for Spring '17

Community is important to us here at Granite Game Summit. We are constantly striving to strengthen our community, and a lot of that is done through communication. We are very grateful for active communication through email and social media, with all of you. We wanted to be sure that you know we are listening.

There has been a lot of concern about there only being a 3 day pass to the Spring Summit. So after numerous requests we have worked through the logistics and we are excited to offer 1 day passes.

You can now buy single day badges for Friday, Saturday or Sunday! Single day tickets still give you the opportunity to our usual open tabletop gaming, they also will also give you the chance to enjoy some of our new events. Our events vary by the day, of course.

There are only a limited amount of single day passes available. We want to be sure that everyone has the space to play comfortably, and is never without a table to play on. Limiting the ticket sales ensures that we don’t have overcrowding on any one day.

Be sure to grab your single day passes before they are gone!