Vendor: Midgard Comics and Games

We are pleased to announce that Midgard Comics and Games will be joining us this year as our vendor. They are a local comic and game store located in Derry, New Hampshire. They plan to be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday of #G2S18 for all of your game buying needs!

Questions by Kimberly Revia (KR), answers by Jason from Midgard (J).


KR: What merch you will be bringing with you to G2S?

J: Since G2S is primarily board game focused, we will be bringing a selection of popular board games from across all genres. We hope to have something for everyone, including some hard to find titles! In addition, we’ll bring a limited stock of accessories and non board game titles that may be of interest to your attendees such as harder to find RPG books and the like.

KR: What hours you plan to vend?

J: I should have staff cover the event Friday - Sunday, though final hours have yet to be determined as I work with my staff’s availability. We hope to be up and running by early afternoon on Friday. From there we will maintain a presence during the morning and afternoon hours throughout the con.


KR:  What you do in the store such as events, game nights etc. ?

J: Midgard Thrives on events, and as such we try to ensure there is always something going on. Here is a brief look at our weekly schedule.

Monday: Casual Modern MTG meetup

Tuesday: Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar League day, Pathfinder/Starfinder Society MTG League day.

Wednesday: D&D Adventure League, Star Wars Destiny, X-wing, Warmachine/Hordes Meetup

Thursday: Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar League day, Board Game Open Play

Friday: Friday Night Magic, Bolt Action Meetup, Casual Open Play

Saturday: Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar League day, Weekly/Monthly Special events, Rotating Magic Format Tournaments

Sunday: Casual Open Play

KR: Where are you located and what are your store hours?


Midgard Comics and Games
55 Crystal Ave Unit 21
Derry NH 03038
(603) 260-6180

Mon:  2-9
Tues- Friday: 12-10
Sat: 10-10
Sun: 12-6


KR: What is your all time favorite game?

J: This was very difficult for me to settle on just one as I have several favorites. Since I am forced to choose, I’d have to say Spartacus by Gale Force 9 simply because I’ve never had a bad experience playing it and everyone I’ve introduced it to has enjoyed it. I do however have to give an honorable mention to Axis and Allies Global 1941 Second Edition. It an epic game, and it’s helped me raise a lot of money for Boston Children’s Hospital.

KR: If you could live in any board game created world, which one would you choose and why?

J: Hands down, the world of Mice and Mystics. The theme and setting are just awesome. Mice knights, what's not to love? Plus, if you assume it takes place in the world of other Plaid Hat games like Tail Feathers and Stuffed Fables, then you have bird jousting and mystical stuffed animals to boot!

KR: What 2018 board game releases are you looking forward to?

J: Though it's a kickstarted game, Who Goes There? has caught my interest. We’ve seen some great stuff and some awful nightmare emerge from kickstarter when it comes to board games, but this one just seems fun. I enjoy games that make players question each others motives while keeping things light hearted and enjoyable.