You've Been Poisoned: Escape Room

This year we are pleased to be hosting You’ve Been Poisoned: Escape Room. Created and run by Tim Blank, designer of Oh My Gods! And Bumuntu. You can challenge yourself and do a good deed at the same time. The $5 per person suggested donation for this event goes directly to Boston Children’s Hospital.

You've Been Poisoned is a 10-minute Escape Room experience. You are the lab assistants of the not-so-ethical Dr. Mortimer Thornblood. And in his most recent human experiment, you've unfortunately discovered that you've been poisoned and only have 10 minutes to live! Luckily for you, the doctor has the antidote hidden somewhere in his office. Un-luckily for you, he's not here. Use the clues on Dr. Thornblood's desk to figure out where he keeps the antidote. Find it within 10 minutes and make it out with your lives, but take any longer, and you'll be his next victims!