Early Risers Cereal Club

Hey, it’s me…Kevin. I don’t know about you but I dread one aspect of going to a board game convention. It seems like everyone is a late night party animal, and there seems to be no early risers. My theory is there are many of us we just cave to the whims of the masses. Well two of the three organizers are early risers and this year Mike and I have decided to make a space for all us morning maniacs!

On Saturday (and possibly Sunday) we will be introducing our Early Risers Cereal Club! Starting at 6am we will put out a plethora of cereal choices for all us dawn delighters to scarf down while we watch Saturday morning cartoons and play amazing board games at the same time (while standing on your head is optional, it is also encouraged).

How many will show up? Maybe just Mike and myself? How many will be playing from the night before? Maybe Kimberly?

Regardless this is happening and it is one of the events I am most looking forward to at our upcoming Summit. No need to sign up just know that we are there for our fellow first light flock.

There may even be a related event directly after our morning mayhem… stay tuned!