Auction, Game Scheduler and Guild

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, because Granite Game Summit is quickly approaching, obviously. As the event grows closer there may be a couple of small things that you’ve missed and we want to be sure you know they’re out there and ready to be utilized.


First up we have the Granite Game Summit Spring 2019 Auction over on BGG. There are currently over 500 titles up for sale and many have already been scooped up. If you are looking to get rid of the games that no longer bring you joy, or if you’re hoping to find some new to you games that do, you should check out the auction here:


Are you hoping to play a specific game at Granite Game Summit? Need a few more players so you can get Captain Sonar to the table? Or are you really just hoping that somebody brings a specific game so you can try it? Good news, friend of G2S Rand has set up a geek list over in our guild for just that thing!


If you are just hoping to keep up with all things G2S you can join our guild on BGG here: