Auction Reminder and Final Day of Discount Ticket Sales

Now that the #G2SFall math trade has ended and the Summit is less than 3 weeks away, it is time to get your items into the auction. Whether you are looking to cull some items from your own collection, or add some to it, the auction is where it is at. You can find the auction here:

This is also your final reminder for discounted tickets, once the clock strikes midnight, those $15 tickets jump to $25. So get yours today! 

Biggering our Event

Biggering our Event

Our first adventure in the board game convention arena has been amazing. When I first talked with Kimberly and Mike about it we were pretty excited. Our goal was to hopefully have 100 people if we were lucky. But it has become so much more than just gathering a few friends together for a game day. We want to thank everyone who has supported us for the first Granite Game Summit.