Gaming in the Granite State

Granite Game Summit is a regularly occurring event focused on social, open board gaming in the Granite State. Our goal is to bring people new and old to the hobby together in a welcoming and friendly environment.

Attendees are encouraged to bring games from their collection to play. We will provide tables on which to store your games or to share with other attendees.

Image by Kevin Craine

Mother of two, volunteer, coffee drinking, dog snuggling, part-time Wookiee...

When I'm not board-gaming I can be found volunteering at a dog rescue, drawing, remodeling our victorian house, substitute teaching, and tweeting too much.

Favorite Game: Castles of Burgundy

Least Favorite Game: This one is a tough question. I think it is currently King Of Tokyo. My kids love it, and it just falls flat for me.

Toilet paper; over or under? I'm going to go full rebel here... I don't have a preference.

Beverage of choice: Water, coffee and whiskey.

BGG: craineum
Twitter: @baba_geek

Husband, Baba(Dad), Tabletop Gamer and Designer, Toy Designer, Costume Maker, Master Tinkerer, Video Gamer and Software Developer... in that order.

When not playing board games I am spending time with my family. We enjoy all the seasons of NH, hiking, sledding, jumping into piles of leaves, making silly faces. I also enjoy creating, could be board games, outrageous costumes, or Death Star Christmas Tree Toppers.

Favorite Game: This is a hard one for me… I like so many different types of things. If I am forced to pick one it is Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island. It has a good theme with Euro elements and is cooperative.

Least favorite: Pokemon TCG, kids love it, I don’t. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

Toilet paper: There is only one answer to this question, and you know what it is.

Beverage of choice: Water, maybe OJ in the morning, wine in the evening.

BGG: mrtaylor2112
Twitter: @perfectbebop

Raised by wolves, Mike found his way to New Hampshire in 2004. With a background in summer camp management for nonprofits, followed by social media/content marketing for technology companies, it's clear that community and community building is important to him. Aside from games, Mike also has a passion for beer, beards and organizational culture.

Favorite Games: Dog, Ascending Empires, Stronghold

Least favorite: Fluxx

Toilet paper: As an outdoorsman, the world is his toilet paper.

Beverage of choice: good beer, scotch and bourbon (in that order).


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