Event Announcements For Saturday April 8th, 2017

With just under two months until our Spring Summit, we would like to announce the events for Saturday April 8th! Saturday we will have three scheduled events to choose from: The Board Game Relay, hosted by Board Game Replay at 11am; Flip The Table Live Show Recording with special guest Bill Corey Jr. (host of The Cubist podcast) at 3 pm; and Two Rooms and a Boom moderated by Ben Warren of DiceBreakers. As always, none of these events with have any fee, or any impact on open gaming, as they will not be taking place in the main gaming hall. 

Board Game Relay 11 am:

Board Game Relay hosted by Board Game Replay is exactly what it sounds like. Four teams each made up of four players (and yes, it has to be exactly 4) will compete relay-style while playing four board games. Each member of your team will be playing a different well-known board game at the same time. After 20 minutes the buzzer will sound and each person in the team will rotate. You will continue your team-color’s game where your teammate left off. This will take place over 4 (20 minute) rounds and then final scores will be tallied in each game. The winning team will receive a prize. 

Flip The Table Live Show Recording 3 pm:

Join the Flip The Table crew with special guest Bill Corey Jr. for a live recording of their show. They will be discussing the other side of board gaming after having played what is no doubt a questionable game. There will be absurdity, antics, and laughter. Be sure to join them for this incredibly rare opportunity to see the whole crew make some podcasting magic. Maybe somebody will even hug to win, if we’re lucky. 

Two Rooms and a Boom 9 pm:

Two Rooms and a Boom is a social deduction game for 6-30 players and played in two teams: the Red team, and the Blue team. The Blue team has a President and the Red team has a Bomber. The game is played in two rooms (separate playing areas), and will take place over 5 timed rounds. At the completion of each round some of the players from each team will be swapped into different rooms. At the game’s end if the Red team’s Bomber is in the same room as the President, the Red team wins. If the Bomber and President are in different rooms, the Blue team wins. The game will be moderated by Ben Warren of DiceBreakers.