Patrick Hillier

Today we are featuring Patrick Hillier, or as I like to call him, Mr. Feisty the master of puns. For a while there Patrick was even commonly known as Phil due to a use of his former twitter handle phillier. He has since remedied that. Patrick is a contributor on the Golden Geek nominated What Did You Play This Week podcast, and is a host of their spin-off show the Conversation Thing. Patrick will be joining us in New Hampshire for #G2S17 all the way from Ohio. Patrick kept me sane at my first big convention, BGGCon in 2015, and introduced me to everyone. He is without a doubt, one of the most influential ambassadors to the hobby, especially when it comes to consumption of game related content, and bringing people together at conventions. We consider ourselves quite lucky to have him joining us this April!



1. Patrick and his wife Cindi have been attending Renaissance Fairs for over 20 years.

2. He likes to visit museums and while he is there find the ugliest baby. (There is a photo in his gallery below representing just that)

3. Patrick won the Nuclear War tournament at Origins 2013 - beating out one of the guest author's kids.


Questions by Kimberly Bullock (KB), answers by Patrick Hillier (PH).




KB: Did your consumption of (essentially) all of the board game podcasts inspire you to join one of your own?  

PH: Yes - I felt that Android board games were not being covered, so I could add something by covering those apps. My participation in our own show has grown into other segments and the "Conversation Thing" which is coming up on it's one-year anniversary as a separate feed.

KB:  How much time per week do you spend doing things for WDYPTW?

PH:  I spend about an hour a week doing my own segment, and then another 1-2 hours either recording or editing our conversations, then some social media - so on average I'd say four hours a week.

KB: What are you enjoying most about podcasting so far?

PH: Increased interaction with more gamers - through social media, on-line games, forums, etc.




KB: What are you looking most forward to at Granite Game Summit? (Aside from the obvious which is seeing me).

PH: Meeting some people from the east coast in person, and of course seeing old friends.  I'm also hoping to squeeze in some fresh ocean seafood while I'm there.

KB: What is the worst article of clothing to wear while playing games?

PH: Pants seem like the only correct answer. 

KB: What is your favorite game to take with you when you travel?

PH: Cribbage! my small folding board with metal pegs and Princess Bride themed cards. 


You can find Patrick at:

Twitter: @overthehillier and @WDYPTW

Facebook: WDYPTW