Gaming in the Granite State

Granite Game Summit is a one-day, 15-hour event focused on social, open board gaming in the Granite State. Our goal is to bring people new and old to the hobby together in a welcoming and friendly environment.

Attendees are encouraged to bring games from their collection to play. We will provide tables on which to store your games or to share with other attendees.

Image courtesy of Scott King

Convenient Location


Holiday Inn in Nashua is located just off Route 3 with Easy access to MA and NH. There is a Irish pub in the Hotel and McDonalds right next to it for food. Easy parking and a great space make this a perfect venue for our one day summit!


Book your room today!


Bring your games and your fun, more will do the same.


This is our first year, as such we are going to need help from everyone. The format will be to bring games if you can and set them up in a designated area. Then take either one of your games or someone else's and find a group to sit down and play.


Bringing Your Games

  • We will have sheets of paper and cards for each library table
  • Find any open library table space (note which letter table it is)
  • List your games on one of the pieces of paper
  • Put what time you are leaving on the sheet as well


Playing Games

  • Grab any game, grab a table letter card (so you know where to return the game to)
  • Find an open gaming table and some people to play with
  • There will be "Players Wanted" signs at the water tables
  • There will also be "Teacher Wanted" signs at the water tables
  • Enjoy