Granite Game Search

We are pleased to announce the first ever Granite Game Search hosted by Chip Beauvais of Flying Sheep  and Ben Warren of DiceBreakers . The Granite Game Search (#G2Search) is akin to a scavenger hunt. Each card will have a puzzle from Emojicept , A Little Alliteration , and Vowel Movements. You can tweet your solutions using the hashtag #G2Search. Each card will also have a G2S attendee, and some miscellaneous things (such as a game by a specific publisher, or a deck building game, etc.) to tweet a selfie with to the hashtag #G2Search. Each tweet (Up to 7 per card) with the hashtag #G2Search  will be entered into a raffle for a $25 Amazon gift card donated by your G2S crew. There will only be 60 #G2Search cards available, so make sure to grab yours before they run out. 

Emojicept puzzles are silent charades inspired by the game Concept, but the puzzles consist of only emojis. ? = Main Concept ! = Sub-concept. 

To solve the A Little Alliteration puzzle, find three words that each start with the same three letters.
e.g. "kid's cold dog"
would be CHIld's CHIll CHIHUAHUA

To solve the Vowel Movements puzzle, replace the words in <> with three single-syllable words that begin and end with the same consonants. e.g. I <look> at the <material> on her arm as she <leaves>. is I GAZE at the GAUZE on her arm as she goes. s

Be sure to get those selfies ready, and use the hashtag #G2Search to join in on the fun!