Dan Cristelli of Board Everyday

Photo's by Ben Bloom

Today’s featured board game media is Dan Cristelli over at Board Everyday. You can catch up on board game news, and what he is up to--such as his Uwe Week, and kickstarter news--over on the blog. Then download the latest episode of his podcast for everything from reviews, what he has played, and events he is attending. One of those events, of course, is Granite Game Summit. It should also be noted that he loves corgis, because really, who doesn’t?


Three Random Facts about Dan:

  • His name isn't really Dan...that's a nickname. His middle name is the same as his grandfather's first name. His grandfather’s name was Donato and everyone called him Danny when he lived in Italy. Dan is called that because he has the same first name as his father and they wanted to "avoid confusion".  As you can see, it's done nothing but cause confusion ever since.
  • When he was 16, he used to play Duke Nukem at a friend's house all the time. One day he tried to use the jet-pack while right next to a cliff. As he sped up the cliff wall he got nauseous. Like REALLY sick. To this day he still get occasional motion sickness in a car.
  • He loves riding motorcycles, owns a 2003 Harley Davidson and will sometimes take off on 200+ mile trips with his father at a moment's notice.


Questions by Kimberly Bullock (KB), answers by Dan Cristelli (DC).



Three Board Game media related questions:


KB: What was your inspiration to delve into the world of board game media?

DC: It all started with a couple of us wanting to do a podcast...

Since my interest in this hobby has grown, I've found that I enjoy discussing the games I play as much as I enjoy playing them. Conversations about game mechanics, theme, game theory...you name it, and I would talk about it. A couple years ago, Sean (one of the Board Everyday Podcast co-hosts) and I talked about starting a podcast to capture what we thought were great conversations.

During this time, I decided to start a blog to chronicle some of the gaming I had done...and this kinda evolved into Board Everyday. We started covering board game news, looking at Kickstarter projects, and doing reviews of the games we were playing. 2016 saw the launch of the Board Everyday Podcast, and we're hoping to do even more cool stuff this year!


KB: What part of content creation takes up the bulk of your time?

DC: Most definitely writing. As I try to get two to three posts a week up on the Board Everyday site, I sometimes find myself writing about games more than I find myself playing them. Weeks where there's lots of board game related news are easy...reviews and other pieces take some time.


KB: What are other board game media outlets that are your go-to?

DC: I gravitate towards podcasts as they are the easiest for me to consume. Vox Republica, Heavy Cardboard, and On Board Games are just a few of the ones in my feed right now. I always browse through articles on BGG and will read reviews all over the place. And, of course, Twitter. Love me some board game Twitter. Editor’s Note: I am sensing a trend here. Board game Twitter seems to be where it is at.



Three questions that are just for fun:


KB:What is your favorite television series? (Current or older)

DC: This is a tough one - I think it would be Parks & Recreation. It was such an amazing show!

KB:  How old were you when you really got into gaming?

DC: There were really two phases. I played a ton of games as a child up until about 19 or so - Clue, Monopoly, that sort of thing. Then not much until Christmas of 2006. That was the year that I was given Carcassonne as a gift. We opened it up, played, and then made the mistake of looking it up on Google. Next thing I knew, I had found BGG, started an account, and the rest is history!

KB: What is your favorite tourist attraction in New England?

DC: I guess it depends on your definition of "tourist attraction". The waterfront in Burlington is absolutely gorgeous and we spend a LOT of time there in the summer. But if Fenway Park counts? That's by far my favorite. I've been going to games since I was 8 years old and I have so many memories there. In fact, the only event that has ever made me as happy as a game at Fenway Park is BGG.CON!