Anthony Racano from the Cardboard Jungle Podcast

Today’s featured board game media personality is Anthony Racano, representing the Cardboard Jungle Podcast. He will be joining us at G2S2016, all the way from New York, where he resides. He knows that the fun is worth the drive, which clearly speaks to his heightened intelligence. He is known as a gamer, podcaster, father, husband, fake uncle, and Twitter personality.


Three Random Facts About Anthony:

  • He has seen The Godfather over 100 times.
  • He has been known to get rid of games he really likes just because of their box size.
  • He truly believes that he could live on bread and water alone.


Questions by Kimberly Bullock (KB), answers by Anthony Racano (AR).



Three board game media related questions:


KB: What do you guys do to promote the podcast? What outlets seem to have the best results?

AR: Twitter has become the place for us to promote the show, interact with listeners and publishers, and just basically be a part of the boardgaming community as a whole.


KB: How did you guys get your podcasting start?

AR: I was looking for a way to get to hang out with Paul more and asked him on a whim if he would want to try doing a podcast. (I was totally expecting him to say "No")


KB: What is the biggest challenge you run into when it comes to recording?

AR: For a while coordinating schedules was a big hurdle, but I think we have a better grasp on it now. Also with three of us on the show we can press on if either Paul or Matt isn't available on a given night.



Three questions that are just for fun:


KB: If you have 120 minutes to teach and play a game with 3 other people, what game in your collection do you play?

AR: Currently this would be Signorie from What's Your Game? It has some interesting mechanics and it's one of those games where you can see the light bulbs go off in people’s heads when they get it.


KB: What is your biggest gaming pet peeve?

AR: Quite honestly, I'm pretty laid back when it comes to gaming and let most things just roll off my back. I cringe a little when people tuck the bottom of a game box in the lid (No, I'm not OCD)


KB: If you had to support one major New England sports team, which would you support?

AR: I don't have to even have to stretch on this one... I have been a Boston Celtics fan since I was a kid, much to the chagrin of all the Knicks fans I grew up with. Also since I hate the Yankees as much as anyone in Boston, I will always root for the Red Sox unless they are playing my Tigers.