Ray Hutchins at Tales of Cardboard

Today’s featured Board Game media (and future Granite Game Summit attendee) is Ray Hutchins over at Tales of Cardboard. He creates fictional board game stories, and images that make us laugh every time we see them. Bringing a little extra humor to our board game Twitter feed, daily.


Three random facts about Ray:

  • He once let “good friends” talk him into carrying the leg of a cow that had been killed by wolves across empty Montana ranch land, at night, to bait a trap to relocate a grizzly bear that had been killing other cows
  • Will play any game, anytime, anywhere even though he will most likely lose.
  • Thinks opposite gender twins (boy and girl twins) should be called “Simultaneous Siblings” . . . I mean come on.


Questions by Kimberly Bullock (KB), answers by Ray Hutchins (RH) at Tales of Cardboard.



Three board game media related questions:


KB: How long have you been creating the number one blog about board games in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD? (inspired by your website)

RH: It will be two years this May.  Wow, I’m not sure if that is good or bad.  How much time should you spend on something that, for the most part, only makes you laugh?


KB: How much time a week do you spend on creating content for your blog and Twitter?

RH: About five hours a week actually writing stories, jokes and photoshopping images, but WAY more than that listening to podcasts, reading blogs and watching videos.  Not to mention time on Twitter (please, no one try to estimate the hours I do that).

KB: What game was the very first you covered?

RH: Tales of Cardboard actually started out as an idea for board game fan fiction that was going to be coupled with a podcast retelling the stories as an old-time radio show.  I know. . . and you thought the current iteration was weird, right?  So the first story I wrote was titled “How to Destroy Tokyo on $25 a Day”.  It was a King of Tokyo monster love triangle.  Then pretty quickly it morphed into ridiculous stories of fake board game news that hopefully are funnier.


Three questions just for fun:


KB: What is your favorite New England beach?

RH: There is a small beach on Dublin Lake in Dublin, NH that we spend a lot of time at in the summer.  They don’t allow motor boats so it’s safe to swim way out and then scare each other by imagining what kinds of monsters might be lurking deep beneath us.


KB: How large is your game collection?

RH: Our collection is currently at 193 games.  I only know this because I recently put them all on Board Game Geek.  Before that I would tell people somewhere around 80.  I was way off!  We need to do a small amount of culling but only to make room for more!


KB: What is one of the worst movies you have ever seen in a theater?

RH: The Titanic.  I can’t believe that selfish girl let that poor boy drown.  Shocking really.  I hope someone contacted the proper authorities.