Chris, Jared, & Flip of Flip the Table Podcast

Today our featured board game media guests are three-fourths of the Flip the Table podcast! We have Your Moderator Chris, Professional Wrestling Expert Jared Hunnefeld, and Party Clown Flip Florey, all of whom will be joining us on Saturday for the first Granite Game Summit. They are the Masters of the obscure, and often downright terrible titles from “the other side of gaming”.  If the game requires a VCR, or is about Justin Bieber, you had better believe they have played it and covered it on their show.


Three Random facts about Your Moderator Chris:

  • When YMC was a kid, he used to bring at least 3-4 videotapes to every party he went to. And usually at least one of them was random stuff taped off TV.
  • In college, his radio name was "Doctor Joe." He picked that because his brother, actually named Joe, also used that name on the radio 20 years prior.
  • He was heavily into role playing games before he was a board gamer. His top choices were Vampire: The Masquerade, Deadlands, and Cyberpunk 2020. Honorable mention to the old West End Ghostbusters RPG.

Three random facts about Jared Hunnefeld:

  • He was in a local commercial when he was younger and he got to portray the antagonist while his mother and younger brother were the protagonists.
  • He doesn't eat chocolate or peanut butter because he doesn't like the taste of either flavor.
  • His favorite videogame of all time is Earthbound for the SNES and he usually beats the game yearly.


Three random facts about Flip Florey:

  • He is allergic to chicken.
  • He won first place in his 4th grade science fair with a project he threw together the day of (before the bus came).
  • He was reading Rocket Raccoon comics before it was cool.


Interview by Kimberly Bullock, but we mixed it up this time and accepted questions from Flip The Table Fans. Each Question is asked by a different person, (name and Twitter handle listed at the beginning). Answers by Your Moderator Chris (YMC), Flip Florey (FF), and Jared Hunnefeld (JH).



1. Chip Beauvais (@the_FlyingSheep) asks: Why is a raven like a writing desk?

YMC: Both fit nicely into the phrase, "That's so _____."

JH: Because both were members of the Teen Titans.

FF: Caws I said so!!! Get it? CAWS I said so!?


2. Chaz Marler (@DiceParadise) asks: K2 is a game that also features a Granite Summit. How’d @G2Summit arrange that brilliant cross-promo with the publisher?

YMC: Even in a state with no sales tax, money talks.

JH: Following the plot of T2, they sent an android back in time to make the deal happen.

FF: We all know that convention organizers have access to time travel devices. It is the only way they can pull these things off. So, Time Travel. Obvs.


3. Bill Corey Jr. (@BillCoreyJr) asks: Which professional wrestlers could you envision becoming board gamers?

YMC: I've heard Leva Bates ("Blue Pants") is into board games...would love to have her on some time. Also, Ophidian confessed when he was on the show that he was a pro-level Magic player, so I could see him making the transition.

JH: Without a doubt, New Day could easily get into boardgaming.  I bet one of these days they will come out dressed like the monopoly guy for one of their promos!

FF: Ric Flair. Because his victory WOOOOOOOOOO!!!! is an undeniable joy to hear.


4. Jason Lees (@MRSA_Major) asks: What is your favorite thing about him?

YMC: I like how your last name is plural.

JH: My favorite thing about Jason is the fact that he has as much Teddy Bear-like Machismo as myself!

FF: Besides being such a smart dresser I admire his uncanny ability to garner compliments without people realizin........ HEY!


5. MouseyDew (@mouseydew) asks: With FtT having recently swapped places with the PartyGameCast, if you could “Freaky Friday” any other two podcasts, which ones would you Smash Up?

YMC: Who wouldn't want to hear The Dice Tower hosted by Cecil from Welcome to Night Vale?

JH: I would love to see a combination of WOOOO! Nation with Ric Flair and Welcome To Nightvale.  30 minutes of crazy rambling about paranormal and occult activities with the energy of Ric Flair?  SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

FF: This American Life, just to catch all those NPR listeners off guard. And Snap Judgement, telling gaming stories (with a beat!!).

And I would smash up Ludology and Welcome to Nightvale. The madness and game logic would probably open some sort of weird meeple shaped portal.


6. Jordan Bullock (@jdbullock) asks: Tastes great or less filling? Also, where is the beef?

YMC: Tastes great, obvs. And if you have to ask, you don't wanna know.

JH: Since that joke came out the year I was born, I'm not qualified to answer that question.  But last I heard, it was in Jamie Kennedy's rap song "1984."

FF: Tastes great. And the beef never left, I know how to hold a grudge.


7. Michael Taylor (@perfectbebop) asks: What is the most appropriate wrestling move to use on Mother’s Day?

YMC: The bear hug, obviously! Unless your mother prefers the sharpshooter.

JH: If ECW wrestler Rhino is to be believed, it would be a jumping piledriver from the wrestling apron through a table outside the ring.

FF: The "No Call Crusher". Devastating move involving a phone booth being thrown from the turnbuckle in complete silence. Only way out of it is to grab the phone and call your mother. Mom comes flying out of the stands to deliver a beatdown like you've never seen before.


8. Indiana John (@indyboardgamer) asks: When will Jared succumb to podcaster peer pressure and legally change his name to Chris?

YMC: It's written into his 2018 contract...but don't tell him.

JH: I would only do this if it would lead to a television show called Too Many Chris' that would air immediately after Too Many Cooks on NBC's "Too Many" lineup.

FF: He will never be cool enough to be a Chris. That ship has sailed. He might have to get a Luchador mask and rebrand himself as Chris the Luchador.


9. Kimberly Bullock (@kjbullock) asks: When is the next rap battle? WHEN?

YMC: No official plans, but if the inspiration strikes, I'm open to it!

JH: We have rap battles all the time on the mean streets of Bangor.  The problem is that they can't be recorded due to...reasons…

FF: When CHAZ has the guts! Or when our podcast starts to wane and we need to make a sad attempt at capturing lightning in a bottle again. We'll call it Grease 2.


10: Suzanne Sheldon (@425Suzanne) asks: What is your cholesterol count? #shamebox

YMC: My doctor keeps telling me it's fine, so I believe him. I could just have a really chill doctor, though.

JH: Well the Doctor of Thugonomics John Cena has assured me that everything is fine with a high diet of shameboxes.

FF: 42