Steph Hodge from All The Meeples of The Rainbow

Steph Hodge is a board game photographer and blogger (All The Meeples Of The Rainbow) over on BoardGameGeek who resides in beautiful NH. Odds are good that if you spend any time on the Geek, you will have run into Steph, or at the least some of her great board game photos. Her photo of Riff Raff won photo of the year in 2014. She also works part time for Tasty Minstrel Games, operating their Instagram account. She makes a yearly board game calendar even, which you could even have delivered to you at the Granite Game Summit (contact info below). Steph will be joining us again on October 22nd, and no doubt, playing a lot of games. 


  • Steph used to be an avid contra dancer.
  • She saw every movie that came out during the summer of 2005- working at AMC Theatres. She is pretty sure it was about 50 titles, many of them multiple times in that summer. (Wedding Crashers, Batman, 40 Year Old Virgin etc)
  • At Hollywood Studios, Orlando FL- one of her favorite attractions is the Animation Academy and taking the drawing class. She has always wanted to be an artist that could draw and create images (other than photography).

Questions by Kimberly Bullock (KB), answers by Steph Hodge (SH). 


KB: How long have you been blogging on BGG and sharing your board game photos?

SH: I have been blogging "All the Meeples of the Rainbow" for 2 years now and have been actively taking gaming images since 2013. It all started when I found the geeklist titled, "what did you play this week". It opened my world to blogging and reviewing the games I play. 

KB: Have you considered venturing into other areas of board game media?

SH: The fast answer is no. Finding time to edit and record podcasts and video blogs or reviews would be difficult. Props to everyone who does. My talents and skillset are with photography and imaging. 

KB: Are people more receptive to your work on one platform than the other? (such as instagram, fb, bgg, snapchat etc.)

SH: I do post daily images to Instagram and have gotten a huge positive response. So much in fact, that Michael Mindes (founder of Tasty Minstrel Games) contacted me and took me on part time to run the TMG Instagram account for them. It has been so positive and rewarding experience. I have to say Instagram is where it is at! Of course all of my personal images I post to Facebook too, but my primary audience is found on BoardGameGeek. I make a gaming calendar each year and definitely have the most interest from my blog's fan base.


KB: What are your favorite things to photograph, aside from board games?

SH: I have a lot of experience with photographing people. I have shot weddings and portrait photography. I prefer the shorter sessions like engagement shoots. I also love nature photography.

KB: Favorite places in NH to photograph?

SH: Benson's park is where it is at! Also, my gaming table- it makes for the best images! 

KB: Do you have a grail game, if so, what is it?

SH: Ginkgopolis, The 1 and Only! I love Fields of Arle like it is my business, but Ginkgopolis has my heart for everything I love in a game. 

BGG Username: punkin312