Jim Fitzpatrick

Today we are featuring Jim Fitzpatrick, the designer of Mission to Planet Hexx! Jim is a Massachusetts native, a programmer for a large medical software company, and a semi-professional stage actor. Jim’s game Mission to Planet Hexx! made its debut as Hexilad last year at Boston Festival of Indie Games. Boston FIG was Jim’s first gaming event ever. He is making the rounds at gaming cons this year, and is a Granite Game Summit first timer. Make sure to stop by Table B on April 8th at noon to play Mission to Planet Hexx! with Jim.




  • Jim starred as the Mad Hatter in a YouTube web series called "Brillig". Tune in to hear his bad British accent!
  • His father is a retired fire chief so he grew up surrounded by fire trucks and all things fire safety.
  • Jim loves Doctor Who, and has been watching since 1978. His game was going to be DW themed, but he couldn't afford the rights! ;)


Questions by Kimberly Revia (KR), answers by Jim Fitzpatrick (JF).




KR: What game are you demoing at G2S? What is your elevator pitch for it?

JF: I am demoing my only game (so far) - "Mission to Planet Hexx!".  A Retro-Style, Spade Adventure, Board and Card Game in one!

KR: How did you get into designing board games?

JF: I play Magic the Gathering and D&D. Some friends at my LGS were creating a game and I have had this idea for ages so they inspired me to get moving on my idea and make it something real.

KR: How many game designs are you currently working on? 

JF: Just "Mission to Planet Hexx!" (a 2-4 player game) and an expansion for it that will push it to 4-6 players.



KR: What designer inspires you the most?

JF: Get ready for some non-traditional answers to this section. I'm honestly too new to the genre to know any designer names. The local game designers I have met inspire me.

KR: Is there any mechanic you really love to see in games?

JF:  I like building things, like maps, as you can see in my game and in others like "Betrayal at the House on the Hill".

KR: What are you most looking forward to playing at G2S?

JF: I will be there Saturday only from 10-6, so I'm hoping I will just be showing/playing MtPH for eight hours.

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