Jessica Wade

Today we are featuring the wonderful Ms. Jessica Wade! She will be joining us at #G2S17 all the way from VA. Jessica first got into the hobby by meeting a board game publisher through online dating. She has quickly become one of us, and now goes by @Feldfangirl on twitter. I will give you just one guess as to who one of her favorite designers is. Jessica is now a contributor to a few different board game podcasts including: The State of Games, The What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thing, and Our Turn! Podcast. Jessica is a forensic scientist, and she has two adorable fur babies, a recently rescued kitty and a big old Rottweiler.




  •  She got an official dorm eviction notice while in grad school due to getting caught in the dorm with marijuana.  But it wasn't her--there was another Jessica Smith on campus who lived in a different dorm miles away from hers, but they both had the same room number.
  • Oh yeah, Smith is her maiden name and Wade is her married name, though she's no longer married.  She never changed it back because "changing your name is a pain in the butt", plus she now no longer gets lawyer calls asking for another Jessica Smith who has defaulted on her student loans, nor does she get accused of being a pothead anymore.
  • She's been interviewed on the news twice.  Once when she was a witness to a disgruntled employee crashing his semi-truck into the capitol building in Sacramento, CA.  The second time as a high-falutin' professional forensic scientist teaching Richmond, VA about how firearms forensics works.

Questions by Kimberly Bullock (KB), answers by Jessica Wade (JW). 




KB: What podcasts are you currently contributing to? 

JW: The State of Games, The What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thing, and Our Turn! Podcast

KB: How long have you been podcasting?

JW: Just a little over a year.  After guest hosting an episode of The State of Games in the fall of 2015, I was asked back for a few episodes here and there until they asked me to be a regular co-host.

KB: Which podcasts did you listen to (if any) before joining one? 

JW:  I listened to a ton because I was so excited about the hobby that all I wanted to do was learn more about games.  Some of the podcasts I listened to were The State of Games, The Geek All-Stars, The Cardboard Jungle, The What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thing, The Dice Tower Podcast, The Dukes of Dice, The Broken Meeple, Low Player Count, ....




KB: If you could play any game with its designer, what game and designer would you choose?

JW:  I'm @feldfangirl!  I gotta play The Castles of Burgundy with Herr Feld!

KB: Will this be your first visit to NH?

JW:  Yes.  I wanna come back and visit a B&B in the spring or summer and walk down a tree-lined road swinging a branch from side-to-side, and also fall asleep in a hammock.

KB: What is your personal convention survival schedule? (hours of sleep, meals eaten, showers etc.) 

JW: I don't have a set number of hours of sleep--typically I go to bed late and try not to have too many scheduled events in my day so that I can saunter in at whatever time after naturally waking up.  I try to keep my con experiences as laid-back and stress-free as possible, because they're basically my vacations.  I need 3 meals a day, even if breakfast is just yogurt (I always request a fridge for my hotel room and try to have some snacks & healthy food available).  I do the sniff test for showers, which in the winter results in about a shower every other day.  At a con where the weather's hot and/or I have to walk a lot, this girl needs to shower the sweat off.

You can find Jessica at @feldfangirl on Twitter