Chris Moriarity

Today’s featured designer is Chris Moriarty, the designer of To Windward!- The Lunar Islands and founder of Tower St. Games. Tower St. Games was born last June when it became apparent that a game he was working on had legs. It wasn’t a thing Chris had planned on. He spends most of his free time doing small carpentry projects, and playing cello in a local orchestra. Chris is about to graduate with his Masters of Business Administration from Suffolk university. You can see Chris demoing To Windward! -The Lunar Island on Saturday April 8th on Table C at 2 p.m.. 




  • He is getting married in July.
  • Chris has made his own acoustic guitar.
  • He is a self proclaimed astronomy nerd. 

Questions by Kimberly Revia (KR), answers by Chris Moriarty (CM). 



KR: What game(s) are you demoing at G2S? What is your elevator pitch for it?

CM: To Windward! - The Lunar Islands. It's an adventure inspired by the Golden Age of Sailing. Players command a fleet of ships as they trade, fight and corrupt their way to controlling the foibled Lunar Islands. Fancy yourself a cunning privateer or a determined merchant? Want to learn the difference between the jib and a top gallants? Or maybe just blow off some steam with a few broadsides aimed at your friends or loved ones? Then To Windward! - The Lunar Island just might be the game for you.

KR: How did you get into designing board games?

CM: Is beer a common answer to this question? That's how mine came about. A good pint with a friend and we were talking about how we wished there was a game that really captured life at sea; beyond a simple 'yarrr matey', one where the wind was a character in a narrative that was always shifting like the tides. When my friend said "we could make that game," we were off and running.

KR: How many game designs are you currently working on?

CM: One and a half? To Windward! - The Lunar Islands is still my primary focus but I'm intrigued about how Mendelian genetics could create a fun game mechanic.




KR: Do you have any game that you love and just can't get enough plays of?

CM: 7 Wonders or Pandemic. Oh the hours I've lost to those games.

KR: What is your favorite small box game? 
CM: We Didn't Playtest This at All - Fun, fast and a great icebreaker for groups.

KR: Is there any game you are really hoping to get a chance to play at #G2S17? 

CM: I'm looking forward to meeting all the creators and players more than anything else but if I had to pick, I'm hoping to get Best in Show playing Westmonster Kennel Club.


Twitter: @towerstgames

Facebook: Tower St. Games