Calling all Volunteers

When we originally set out to hold the first ever Granite Game Summit we knew that we three organizers would be able to more or less manage all aspects of the day without worry. However, since then we have doubled in size and are expecting to sell out(!). With this scope and scale we know that we need some help (That's where you come in).

We are looking for volunteers to assist us with several jobs before, during and (technically) after Granite Game Summit to make it great. We are in need of help for the following:



Punching Party (3pm-8pm at Great North Ale Works, Manchester NH)

We have some donated games that we need to punch, bag and organize. We'll be doing this at a local brewery who has graciously allowed us to use their tasting room for this. Volunteers would assist us in getting games ready. You can order a beer while you work too. If you have a game to donate feel free to bring it at this time as well.



Setup (5pm-7pm at Holiday Inn, Nashua NH)

We will be setting up the room for the next day. Volunteers will help with signage, table setup, badge stuffing, etc.



Registration (2hr shifts throughout the day)

In order to make sure we can provide the best service to attendees we need some extra hands to help at the registration table throughout the day. Volunteers will answer questions, give out badges, etc.

Teardown (Midnight, after the event ends)

Once the event ends we need to pack it all up as there will be another group in our space first thing sunday morning. Volunteers will help in taking down signage, packing up games and general clean up.


As we get closer we may find that we have other jobs we need help with. Knowing you're available to assist is a great boon to us, even if we don't have a job for you just yet. Volunteer responsibilities would vary depending on jobs.


If you are interested and available to volunteer for any/all of these roles, please let us know. Email us at and let us know what you can help with and when. Any other questions you have, feel free to ask as well!


Thanks in advance!


* Header image by Ender Wiggins on BGG